It is our mission at Aviva Esthetics to create a sanctuary for guests to come to improve the health and appearance of their skin. Aviva aims to optimize your natural beauty with meticulous hair removal while bringing your skin to its peak of health with the highest quality products. Aviva provides highly personalized treatments focused on improving guest’s understanding and care of their skin. Here at Aviva we have a true love and enthusiasm for what we do and for our clientele. Aviva is a reprieve from everyday stress; a space where you look and feel better leaving than when you entered.


Alisha Finneran

Alisha has worked as an esthetician in Portsmouth since 2006. She lives in Kittery with her husband and two sons.


Michaela Wheeler

Michaela has been an esthetician in the area for 10 years and currently resides in Eliot, Maine with her husband and two boys.


Ryan Nawazelski

Ryan has been working as an Esthetician in southern New Hampshire since 2012. She currently lives in Exeter, NH with her husband, dog and cat.